My First Button Auction

I started out in what seemed like the wee hours of the morning or at least it felt like it.  I went to bed early at about 9:30 p.m. last night and perhaps this is why I was awake by 1 a.m.  There I sat awake with my knitting.   Checked my face book pages and balanced my checking account.  Good, I have some money ready for the auction in the morning.  Back into bed by four and fell into a deep sleep.   With the sound sleep I was not sure I even cared to travel to the button auction.  Up and out I went!  Destination Blue Ball, PA.  The thought of traveling the road to Amish Country is always an incentive to get me on my merry way.  Arrived at the Blue Ball Fire House just a couple of minutes late.

Registered and now with the number 47.   All set to place a bid when some pretty buttons should appear.  Not such luck!  It was just not meant to be.  Stuck in shock!  I held my number down and was sure not to move my hands so as not to confuse the auctioneer.  Bids started usually at $12 – 20 and quickly climbed to $150 and more.  These buttons are neatly attached to a manilla file folder and usually contain about 12 – 20 buttons per sheet.  Neatly tucked into plastic for protection.  Can you imagine my shock and disappointment when the bids brought in any where from $150 to $500 over and over again for almost 5 hours!  What happened to the good deal to be found?  After all unemployment has run high for a couple of years now.  Jobs are suppose to be hard to find, no?  How are all these people spending this much money for buttons.  Surely these people must be collectors and dealers?

By about 1:30 I decided it was time to move on.  Tucked inside the car was my Nikon D80 and surely a little fun with Photography must be the plan God intended today.  As I walked out the door the last word heard was  do I hear $625?


2 thoughts on “My First Button Auction

  1. Hello Roberta,
    So you have joined the blogging community! Welcome and enjoy the experience. I have some really awesome women I know you would love to meet.

    Be forewarned…this can be addicting ;->


    your friend,
    Janet xox

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