Seedlings 2011

It is so different today witnessing the day of a child.  There is a huge difference from the 1970’s to 2011.  When I was a mom( early 70’s ) in this small Pennsylvania town the country farm existed all around me.  Mom’s were busy trying to decide if they really wanted to work in the home raising children or out in the community working 9-5!  It was much more about freedom and not money.  Today, I would suspect it is much more about money and trying to survive. People in the past and today  do not realize just how much one in the home raising children should be paid!   A mom in the home  has never really been valued in America.  Historically it was observed as more of a right of passage and not a respected position.  Women got married and raised the children and that is just what they did.  Today we find the nanny, the day care worker and even the dad raising our children.  My perception is that for the most part it is day cares that are raising our children. For this reason alone I choose to recognize Bright Beginnings, my grand-children’s Day Care Center.  If you perhaps feel undervalued please know you are now alone.  I once was raising children and realized how lonely and under valued of a job it can be.  You indeed have the most valuable job of our society.  You have the gift to nurture a child and as an Oma I thank you.  You started these seedlings in the Spring and we have nurtured them along all summer.   You have also started a seedling as a being and that is my grand-daughter.  Thank you! You have given to a child and to a grand-mother the gift of nature and I thank you.  Along with Olivia, Sofia and Liliella of course!


3 thoughts on “Seedlings 2011

  1. Hello Roberta,

    This was a lovely post. Your three granddaughters are precious seedlings indeed.
    With loving adults giving them direction, they will no doubt grow-up straight and strong.

    Love to you all,

    Janet xox

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