Historical Event

The historical event I would attend if I was able to Time travel would be my wedding day.  Yes, today August 26th is my 39th Wedding Anniversary.  Sounds pretty historical for todays standards anyway.  I met my husband in 10th grade while on vacation in Ocean City, New Jersey.  Graduated from high school in June of 1972 and married that August.  It would be good  to have a nickel for everyone who bet we were too young and the marriage would certainly be short-lived.  If I could go back in time some changes could be made.  I would not allow people to write HELP on my husbands shoes for all to see as we knelt  at the altar. I would not let my uncle steal me from the reception.  Some jokes are just not funny.  To this day my husband can still remember the photographer asking where is your wife for pictures and he had to respond “I don’t know.”  It was pretty silly traveling three plus hours from Hyde Park, NY to Ocean City NJ on our wedding night!  There are many things that should not be changed.  It was fun to have my Home Ec teacher take me shopping to buy my gown material.  Would make the gown again even if I thought I did not like it by the time it was finished!  Most importantly I would marry the same guy all over again.


One thought on “Historical Event

  1. Hello my Friend,

    As you well know Roberta, I too have fond memories of that wonderfully happy day. To be asked to be a bridesmaid was such an honor for me and I thank you for that.

    If you did marry the same guy all over again, you would once again have made the perfect life choice.

    Happy Anniversary to two lovely people I am so privileged to call my friends.

    Hope you enjoyed your special day.

    all my love….Janet, bridesmaid extraordinaire ;->

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