Snow is so pretty when it first arrives!

Snow is so pretty when it first arrives!

Happy Easter… It has snowed significantly in the northeast this season. A high school friend of mine reports 97 inches total up in Maine. But! My eyes have witnessed just this dusting today in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Okay, perhaps we got a bit more these past few months but I did not see it. Why? Because I have had the opportunity to spend much of my winter in Florida with my little grand-daughter Madelyn. Sharing her first year of life with her parents has brought great joy to my heart. Children are young for such a short period of time. I love being a grand-parent. You take the time to notice the little things. First I see little Madi just home from the hospital last spring, so tiny and then growing like a weed. In November she is still a baby, tiny and sweet and cooing. Christmas arrives and wow a toddler, crawling around and touching everything. A wink of an eye, and what is this? Ten months and walking this just can’t be so…. Every time I see this little special girl time has no meaning. There is nothing more important to do today but, watch her walk and whisper twinkle, twinkle, little star as I rock her to sleep. In another moment, outside to see her form those little lips to whistle because she hears the birds tweeting. You are blessed when you have grown old enough and have the time to witness the life of a grand child.